Velabs is a spin-out from Europe’s most prestigious life science research and instrumentation institute, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, which has been at the forefront of microfluidics-based screening technology development and applications world-wide.

Beside its comprehensive know-how in microfluidics-based screening, Velabs holds a strong IP-Porfolio in the field of microfluidic functional antibody screening.

The droplet-based microfluidic screening technology established at Velabs aims at the fast generation of antibodies against target molecules presented on cellular membrane surfaces or as soluble drug target.

Velabs’ Droplet Microfluidic Technology

  • Velabs uses small aqueous droplets (~20–100µm in diameter) surrounded by oil as miniaturized test tubes
  • Each droplet contains a single pair of one antibody producing cell (B-cells or others from human or mouse) and a target molecule, presented either on the membrane surface of cells or as soluble drug target
  • Detection of functional hits by fluorescence signals from the target/reporter cell
  • Positive droplets are sorted, B-cells are recovered and their antibodies get sequenced and characterized
  • Smallest amounts of starting material (e.g. patient-derived samples) can be reliably analyzed

Velabs’ competitive advantage & know-how

Procedures and Products